First month stats….

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Wow – what a month.

I never anticipated this podcast blowing up to the level it has so fast.

So huge thanks to all of you. I really appreciate all the support.

I have gotten a ton of tweets, FB messages, emails, phone calls, text messages, etc. with awesome feedback. Many of you are telling me how inspiring the stories are, how they motivate you and so on… So thanks again… and on to the stats.

The Money Pillow stats first month

First 30 days download stats

Total downloads as of Friday 4:30pm PST = 20,343

This stat includes several hundred downloads from me and my team when we were testing everything and getting it set up. But I think it is safe to say we crossed the 20,000 mark in subscriber downloads.

I officially launched on July 11th. We were supposed to launch in late June. I submitted to iTunes and a few days later it was live – the only problem was the files were all messed up. The audio files were saying they were over an hour long and they were actually around 30 minutes. The titles were missing from iTunes, and a host of other issues. I ended up asking iTunes to delete it (they did) and I started over after we identified the issues causing the problems.

So a couple weeks later in July we got everything fixed and submitted the podcast again to iTunes. late in the evening on July 10th it went live. I asked some Facebook friends to check it out to make sure it was working fine and sure enough everything worked flawlessly. So the next day on the 11th I told my friends we were live on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and even called & texted a few friends.

On the 11th I had around 235 downloads and then on the 12th  I did a little more promotion and iTunes featured it. On day 2 it was featured in New and Noteworthy – shooting the daily total up to 433 downloads. I decided not to beat my friends up too bad on social so I basically just sat back and watched what happened.

For the next week downloads averaged around 200 which I was happy with. I never really got on the front page (for any decent length of time) of  iTunes New & Noteworthy (you had to scroll to the right to see it) but I did get some prominent placement in the business section of New & Noteworthy.

The spikes you see over the next two weeks came from new episodes being released & light promos via social. The highest bump came on day 7 when I released a new episode and was on the home page of iTunes New & Noteworthy for about 4 hours.

After that downloads averaged around 250 a day for another week.

And then the bomb dropped.

By July 30th I finally had 10 episodes live and decided the timing was right to email my list. I have a decent size email list so when I told them about it – downloads jumped to 2155. I sent the email late that day, and the next two days I saw downloads drop from the peak to 1074 and on day 3 of telling my list they bottomed at 831.

The worst part about emailing my list is that the formatting of the email got messed up and everyone with an iOS device could not read my email… :(

It looked like this:

The Money Pillow messed up email

How not to write an email


I think this probably cost me 1,000 – 2,000 downloads  and maybe the coveted #1 spot in iTunes :( – oh well…#shithappens

That bump from the email was good enough though to push me all the way to #2 in business #woot #woot (why am I using hashtags all of the sudden?)…

The Money Pillow iTunes numer 2 rank

Screenshot from iTunes business section

And then things got interesting….

I fully anticipated the traffic to continue a downward spiral… back to the 200-400 a day range for downloads…

But they didn’t… They actually climbed from that low point of 831 on August 1st.

On August 2nd they hit 1140 and kept climbing. In fact since August 1st they have not gone below 1,000 downloads a day :)

What happened?

That’s a good question… For starters somehow the great folks over at Stitcher featured me in the “what’s new” section of their app and on the web version of their front page. Not only did they feature it, they placed it in the first spot. I imagine that spot is a lot like having a first Google result.

The Money Pillow Featured on Stitcher

Screenshot via stitchers iPhone app

The Money Pillow - screenshot from stitcher web version

Screenshot from stitcher web version

I think after looking at analytics, the traffic from Stitcher while it was featured was roughly 400-500 new downloads a day.

It ended up being featured for about 4 days on Stitcher. On August 6th it was gone from Stitcher and it dropped all the way to 1064 downloads.

More information: On July 31st I launched a Facebook Page for the Money Pillow. I asked about 100 friends to like it so I could run some ads. You see with Facebook you can target people by their interests and what kind of operating system they are using. So if you’re a marketer, you probably know where this is going.

I am currently spending about $30 a day on Facebook ads. I am advertising to people using iOS (Apple – iphone, ipad, etc) & Android. Also I am targeting people using wifi – my hope is that they will download because they are on wifi and not  wasting cellular data. The first few days I was spending almost $1 a click but now have it down to around $0.12.

I am doing some targeting by country as well (I’ll get back to this in a minute). In fact while we’re on the topic – The Money Pillow has now been downloaded or listened to in over 100 countries! The first time I noticed that section of the stats it was at 98! Right now we are at 103.

The Money Pillow - global audience

Can someone in Greenland please listen…..


The blue represents where it has been listened to. The white means no listeners. For some reason as soon as I noticed this I began fantasizing about the fact that one day I wanted to know that this podcast had been listened to by someone in every country in the world. I know it sounds silly, but to me that would be cool.

So I began targeting countries who were not listening yet with Facebook ads. One upside is that this has meant cheap clicks… Apparently no-one targets countries like Niger, Chad, Turkmenistan…. It’s working but not as fast as I would like. I am gaining around 2-3 new countries a day. My goal is by the end of September to have at least one listener in every country in the world.

So in total I think I have spent around $200 on Facebook ads which has drive around 800 clicks. It has also resulted in good growth on the fan page. The fan page now has 477 likes and is growing at around 75 people a day. I can’t seem too get much engagement so I am wondering if it’s because of the audience being made up of primarily people from countries like Niger, Chad, Turkmenistan or if my posts just suck??

Either way I don’t really care as it’s early and growing.

What’s next? Where to go from here?

My goal is to get this podcast consistently in the top 3 of the business section. My plan is to really crack the code on FB ad further. I want to be able to drive 1,000 hits a day from Facebook at a cost of less than $0.10. I think that is achievable. When I hit that mark I will then send a proper email to my list again, I won’t screw it up this time and I hope that it is enough to get me back into the top 3 in iTunes… and that combined with spending some money on ads I hope to maybe just maybe overtake Dave Ramsey for the #1 spot.

Why do  I care about all of this? Why do I want to be #1?

3 reasons:

#1 I think the message in these podcasts are so powerful. We live in a new world and building a hands off business has never been this easy. My guests are amazing and generous with the information they share. I know I can change lives with this information.

#2 I want this to be my next “Money Pillow”.  I have already had a sizable sponsorship offer that I declined. I turned it down because I know I can do better and they wanted exclusivity for 6 months. I am pretty sure I can get this to 3,000 – 5,000 downloads a day by the end of September and at that point I know I can earn $10,000 – $20,000 a month in sponsorships. So yeah – not a bad little Money Pillow for a few hours work a week.

#3 I want the book to be a best seller. The bigger the audience gets for the podcast – the more books I will sell.. In case I didn’t mention or you didn’t know, I am writing a book called “The Money Pillow.” The book will basically be the ultimate resource / bible when it comes to building a hands off business that allows you total freedom. I have this lifestyle now and have many friends who do as well. And with the right mindset, education & systems just about any entrepreneur can enjoy the same quality of life.

So that’s it. I am not sure  I will do this again, but I thought it would be fun to share this info at least once.

I must send a HUGE shout out to Kris Gilbertson & Hani Moura. Kris is the #1 podcasting expert I know – without her & her inspiration I would not have launched this podcast. And Hani has been a tremendous help with all of the audio, video & blog stuff. Hani & Kris – I am truly grateful for you guys!

So that’s where I am at after 29 days of this podcast. Did you enjoy this write up? Do you want me to do more of these? Let me know below. And if you read this far – I love you :)




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